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Whilst we cannot know what the future will bring, it is clear that the digital transformation journey is more like a marathon than a sprint.  Our new digital-first world revolves around everyone having the skills to participate. Now more than ever, businesses must work closely with governments and community stakeholders, to ensure that training and recruitment scale up to match digital demand, to reach all aspects of society from top to bottom.  At Salesforce India, we are doing our bit working with several hi-tech skilling institutions to create more such collaborations in order to adequately address the burgeoning need. We are also collaborating with our partner eco-system to aggregate demand and create collaborations that enable trained professionals to quickly understand the opportunities in the market and determine the skill sets that they would best like to develop.  Our most recent partnerships leveraging Trailhead with AICTE, NIIT Limited, Manipal Global Education Services, NASSCOM, Stratos Studio, TalentSprint and many more organisations reinforce our commitment to upskilling and reskilling individuals for the future of work. I believe, the decisions we make now to solve the digital skills gap will echo for a generation; and collaboration with Government and industry is critical to scale and provide digital opportunities to all. Let’s join hands together to make a difference to the Future of Work.