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5 Ways Salesforce Will Revolutionize the Future

The pandemic has accelerated digital transformation, making Salesforce more relevant and strategic than ever before. Salesforce has changed the way the world works, from streamlining processes, expanding capabilities, to building a better workplace for employees and improving the overall customer experience. The Salesforce ecosystem continues to grow exponentially with immense potential for the future. Here are some Salesforce trends to watch out for:

Driving Businesses Transformation

Salesforce is not just about customer relationship management anymore, it is a platform that can unlock strategic innovation opportunities and transform entire businesses.

IDC forecasts that cloud-related technologies will account for 27% of digital transformation IT spending this year, growing to 37% in 2026.

To gear up for the future, organizations need products that foster collaboration, offer connected and personalized experience and make work easy, from anywhere. Salesforce with some striking new features, efficiently fulfils these needs and will continue to trend this year and beyond.

Process Transformation

Remote work, contactless customer engagement, and sustainability efforts are becoming more prevalent than ever, and IDC expects this trend will only continue.

With more customizable features and striking upgrades Salesforce provides the secret sauce that can quickly configure, deploy, and maintain sophisticated and seamless business workflows to achieve supercharged productivity, happy customers, and an increased revenue.

Enterprise IT Level Transformation

Companies have turned to technology even more to provide engaging and hyper-personalised experiences for their customers.

Salesforce has enabled enterprise transformation to keep with the demand of the current ‘always connected’ consumer base offering significant opportunities for company growth.

Integrating the power of Salesforce with technologies like AI, companies can create a cornerstone for the digital era.

Employee Experience Transformation

Companies that create an environment for greater employee commitment and engagement will enjoy top growth rates.

Research suggests that 93% of workers want work flexibility, and are driven more by what will add value to their career, irrespective of the lucrative prospects being offered to them.

With everyone working from anywhere, companies implement strategies that empowers their teams across their organization to easily access everything they need to do their jobs effectively. Salesforce has hundreds of innovative features that offers greater Collaboration tools and functions between teams to make work seamless.

Career Transformation

IDC that finds Salesforce and its ecosystem of partners will create 9.3 million new jobs worldwide by 2026.

Careers in the Salesforce ecosystem continue to grow with plenty of opportunities to choose from. Employers are willing to pay premium salaries for professionals that are Salesforce certified. And for existing Salesforce professionals, levelling up will unlock greater opportunities.

In India, the Salesforce ecosystem will create 1,328,200 jobs among Salesforce customers in the country, this includes 569,800 direct jobs and 758,400 indirect jobs by 2026. The study also finds that Salesforce is driving immense growth for its partner ecosystem in India, which will make $6.55 for every $1 Salesforce makes locally by 2026.

With Salesforce going places, we need a futuristic talent strategy to meet the ever-growing demands for Salesforce certified consultants. With a holistic approach to talent acquisition and skill development supported with an innovative business model, Stratos will help to launch countless careers for professionals in the Salesforce ecosystem.

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