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Post-pandemic, to be successful in this all-digital, work-from-anywhere world, the use of cloud-based technologies like Salesforce has become essential for businesses to deliver success. And this huge growth in Salesforce cannot be sustained unless the amount of specialized Salesforce talent grows with it.

A new study from IDC states that Salesforce and its ecosystem of partners in India will create 1,328,200 jobs by 2026, including 569,800 direct jobs and 758,400 indirect jobs.

This widespread digitization across industries has created a huge spur in the demand for specialized talent. The question is, what does talent acquisition look like and what will it cost a company to hire specialized talent?

Recruitment is at the forefront of every company’s success with countless hours devoted to hiring the right talent. The cost of finding, hiring, onboarding, and training the right person, or the cost-per-hire, is quite high.

Hiring and onboarding are just the first steps, and employers need to provide adequate training so the new hire can start being productive. To add to this, there are additional investments like salary paid during the months in training, the actual training program, training infrastructure costs, trainer costs, cost of the sandbox/ tools and wastage costs that occur when the candidates leaves the training midway.

9 months is a standard time required for a new hire to become fully productive. The estimated costs spent by companies on Specialists are nearly 1.5 times the annual employee’s salary.

And when companies hire high-cost specialized talent, they want the talent to start delivering right away, however, training, understanding of the business, settling down, and time-to-delivery costs the organization a lot. Therefore, making Training and development one of the costliest investments a company needs to make.

If you are a business that is looking for Salesforce professionals but want to reduce your time to delivery and also optimize the cost to hire without compromising on quality, Stratos is the right partner for your needs.

Stratos’s unique Hire-Upskill-Deploy model creates a cost advantage for clients at every stage:

  • Optimized recruitment experience with a well-designed and structured model
  • Significantly reduces the cost-per-hire and time-to-hire by delivering adaptable, nimble, and upskilled Salesforce consultants.
  • Consistently delivers the best quality specialized Salesforce Talent
  • Saves precious hours on the company’s hiring process.
  • Reduces the candidate time to productivity drastically, by delivering Salesforce Consultants who are productive from day 1.
  • Builds a strong talent pipeline with skilled and diverse candidates.


Stratos can drastically shorten time-to-hire, reduce cost-per-hire by 20%-30% and deliver Specialized Salesforce Talent who are productive from day 1.


Key Takeaways:

The Cost Advantage:

  • The cost of hiring specialized talent goes far beyond just paying for their salary, to encompass recruiting, training, benefits, and more.
  • Stratos offers a definitive cost advantage over in-house hiring.


Training and Upskilling Done Right:

  • Companies spend a lot on training and upskilling alone.
  • Stratos delivers pre-qualified and upskilled talent to help make the whole training process quicker and more cost-effective.


Time to Productivity Reduced:

  • Integrating high-cost specialized talent into the organization takes time which translates to a loss of productivity.
  • Stratos delivers Salesforce Consultants who are adaptable, nimble, and ready to be productive from day 1, reducing the candidate’s time to productivity drastically.
  • Return on investment will be realized in the first month vs. after the 9th month.


Stratos is the right platform to scale your business with optimized talent onboarding. To know more about how Stratos collaborates with clients, visit our Enterprise page.

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Co-founder & Managing Director

An industry veteran and trend-setter in the HR field, Sriram is the Co-founder and Managing Director of Stratos Studios. As an industry stalwart of the global talent supply chain, Sriram is a visionary who conceptualized Stratos Studios to bridge the gap between demand and supply of quality talent availability.

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